Jumping Castles – Modern Entertainment for Kids

Jumping castles are made from tough materials that can accommodate several children at a time. They have been a booming business for those companies that deal with the manufacturing of kid toys. They also render their services to a person who would like to hold a party for their kid where a couple of children are expected to attend. The earliest structures only had a place where the kids would enter and jump but those that are being manufactured nowadays have slide-extension where kids climb to the top and slide. For some of the latest designs check out Jumping Castles Caloundra, Beerwah, Mango Hill, Petrie.

Funky Castles

Before hiring this service, there are several factors that you will have to consider. The first one is the place where it will be set. They are manufactured in different sizes and hence look for the one that will fit perfectly at your place. The topography should also be even and large stones, sticks and any other thing, which could damage the castle or cause an injury, should be removed.

Another thing is that jumping castle requires electricity to be inflated to; thus make sure where you decide to put the structure should be close to an electricity outlet. This also leads to another danger; that is, the electrical wires should be well insulated and kept away from the entrance point to avoid electric shock or malfunctioning of the castle as well. You will also be charged for this service, and consequently; you should carry out a research to determine which company is ready to offer you the service at a lower price. The price is dependent on the size of the castle, the transport expenses incurred, and whether you will require the help of the company workers to set up the structure.

The weather condition is another factor not to be neglected because it cannot be used on a rainy day due to the dangers associated with it, especially due to the electricity being used to keep the structure buoyant. It is also very slippery and may lead to a twisted ankle.

Last but not least, adult supervision is required at all-time whether it is raining or not. Here’s some useful tips to keep your child safe when attending a party. Injuries associated with jumping castles have increased in the past years where the most reported incidences are when children try to perform back flips and at the end fall out of the castle. Due to this, manufacturing companies and suppliers have come up with several things that are prohibited to do when in a bouncing castle. They include:

1.) The castle should only hold the stipulated number of kids at a time. The number is found on the wall of the structure, and the adults should control the children.

2.) Every kid should empty their pockets before entering the castle to avoid personal injuries and damaging the structure. They should as well remove their shoes, jewelry and glasses.

3.) Back flips and jumping on the wall is prohibited.

Follow these simple rules and guidelines and hiring a Jumping Castle should be a no-brainer and lots of fun for your children and their friends.