Website Development

Web development is the process of making a website to be viewed from the internet. A plain text website can be created or complex websites could be created in terms of applications and social networks. The growths of internet breed into the spread of how websites can be extracted from the internet.

Websites developed from the internet have been used all over the world to market products and services of various companies. People who make websites from the internet are known as web developers. A web developer may work independently to come up with a website or partner with others to form a more complex website.

Many companies all over the world hire developers to make them company websites or smaller companies employ people called web designers and information technicians. However web development has been made easier nowadays with the availability of web development soft wares that are online and can be downloaded for free. Such open source systems that can be used in web development include Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP better known as LAMP.

Web development has been made simpler, considering the easy- to- use web development software in the market. With a few skills and training, one can comfortably develop a website. Such software includes Microsoft Expression and WebDev.

Web development is split into two major categories. One is the client side coding which deals with the website design and layout. Two, is the server side coding mainly dealing with the functionality of the website and also back-up end system of the site. The two are crucial in web development.

In advanced stage, the developer may include video, audio and animation processing encodes. One thing a web developer also should always put at the forefront is the web optimization of the website. Web developers must ensure the website can be understood by search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google.

Security precautions should be put in place before the website is officially launched to the public. Some ill-fated people with knowledge in web development may conspire to attack the developed website to access information or tamper with crucial information. Web developers must counter check for any data entry mistakes. The web developer should ensure no important information is able to leak from the website

Web development has made online marketing and social interaction through use of email, and social media platforms like Twitter and Face book. Companies are marketing their products and services on social media, people have had great social interaction too.